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Mt. Tanigawa, a climber aiming for the highest peak in the world practicing and being fascinated.
Mt.Tanigawa TenjinDaira ski resort located at the foot of the mountain of the Tanigawa mountain range, which is strictly majestic.
Mt.Tanigawa, which shows various forms through the four seasons, also carries fine snow in winter.
Why do not you experience powder snow all over yourself in 360 degree nature?
The slopes that change variations in rich environments can also enjoy off piste.
It is the highest snow quality that you can surely satisfy from beginner to advanced.


Controlled Area
Tenjindaira provides a safe ski and snowboard environment by managing avalanche risk within the Controlled Area.
Dangerous places are marked in order to provide safe skiing therefore we ask you to respect the rules and not to enter areas marked as FORBIDDEN.

Tenjindaira Resort Rules
• Do not enter forbidden areas or closed pistes/ski runs
• Do not go beyond rope boundaries
• Follow Ski Patrol instructions
• Outside the controlled area is a National Park and safety management is not carried out.
• Tenjindaira Ski Resort is not responsible for any accidents occurring outside the controlled area
• Individuals who have an accident outside the controlled area will bear the full cost
of any Search And Rescue
• Breaking the rules will result in confiscation of your lift pass and you will be asked to leave