Welcome to Tanigawadake Tenjindaira Ski Resort of Powder Snow Paradise



Please buy a one-day ticket for adults 3500 yen at Tanigawadake Ropeway Base Plaza. Take the ropeway which is about 2400 meters in length from Doaiguchi station for about 15 minutes and get off at Tenjindaira Station and you will arrive at the ski resort. There are 3 lifts.


When the weather condition is set and the Tajirizawa course under the ropeway is opened, you can enjoy a long course of about 3 kilometers from Tenjin-touge.


From the beginning of December to May(G.W.) in the season. In the high season it is a leading snowfall area in Japan where snow falls to 5 meters, snowy good powder snow derived from high altitude is a selling point.

You can borrow boots for free at the place you got off the ropeway.
And you can enjoy sledge free at sled playground.↓

Because there is a multistory parking lot accommodating 700 cars, it is safe even in heavy snow.
Winter parking fee (December to April) Weekday Free Saturday, Sunday and public holidays ¥ 1000


Besides skiing guests, you can touch natural snow from the earliest November to the latest June in the Kanto area.


For details on the backcountry-ski area etc., please see the Google Translate icon in the official website(http://www.tanigawadake-rw.com/item/5951) so please convert it to the language you use.


For your information,even if the ski season is over,You can enjoy the nice view of Mt. Tanigawadake, 1,977 meters above sea level, is located in Joshin-Etsu National Park and various views of nature depending on the season, such as flowers in spring and the beginning of summer, colored-leaves in autumn.

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Sorry for writing only in Japanese.


Fully enjoy Mt. Tanigawadake at night by ropeway, an air walk at 1,300 meters above sea level!
This special experience that you cannot have on the ground is offered for only 20 days.
Let’s enjoy a night air walk with lots of stars in the clear sky!